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  • Orient Blue Mako : Extremely Reliable and Affordable Orient Mako Automatic watches
    Some love the Orient Mako simply because it’s totally Japanese; some for its in-house movements and some for its affordability, which all boils down to the same thing – All these people admire high-end technology, exclusivity and inexpensiveness and often with features that turn a boring job fun. For example, in certain Orient Mako-s, you
  • Orient Blue Mako : High-Quality and Automatic Timepieces from Orient Watches
    As a rookie watch enthusiast, it is not very rare coming across watches that look magnificent but the name somehow puts you off. It's not a name you can associate with those you have heard, so don't allow a good piece slip away due to sheer ignorance. To cite one such brand: It's Orient. It's not possible you been to the the watch world and never
  • Orient Blue Mako : Stunning Look and Exceptionally Designed Orient Blue Mako Mens Watch
    The stunning looks and exceptional design of the Orient Blue Mako Mens Watch make it one of the most highly recommended and well liked watches. Although it is a diver's watch, the dazzling blue color of the watch dial just stands out and makes it a classy accessory that goes equally well with dressy attire. The dazzling blue dial of the Orient Blu